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We Appreciate Your Support


We have two ways for you to donate. Paypal or PayGol.
Although Paypal is perfered. If you cannot use paypal, PayGol is a SMS alternative but it may take up to 24hours for your donating status to take effect.

Paygol currently disabled.



*If you are donating on behalf of somebody, Please message a owner afterwards with their ingame name.
Donations received will go towards server & website costs, which will allow the server to continue in the future. Donators will receive 'Donators Status' on the server's forums and special rewards on the server which include,

- Super brakes (/sbrake)
- MyText (Attach a 3d text above your head)
- Jetpack (Spawn Yourself a Jetpack)
- Rainbow (Automatic vehicle colour change)
- Donators Chat (/dc)
- Donator island (/di)
- $1mil Ingame Cash
- Chatcolor (Ability To Change Your Chat Text Color Up To 10 Different Colors)
- 1 Name change with stats transfer a month
- A custom house mapped yourself
- Your owned houses wont be sold even when you hasnt visited them in 1 or 2 months
- Name featured on the donators wall in the ingame lounge.

By donating you agree to our terms and conditions,

- Donating does not entitle you to any special treatment from admin's or other players.
- Once applied, Donating status cannot be transfered.
- Donations will not be refunded under any circumstances.
- Financial statements & information about server costs etc... will not be made public.

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40 50 100 150 200

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Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
Name      Amount Date    EUR 

Ramakant €10.00 (EUR)   Oct-259.21
 €10.00 (EUR)   Oct-69.21
Drewis €10.00 (EUR)   Sep-39.21
Godslayer €10.00 (EUR)   May-29.21
carrie €10.00 (EUR)   Apr-59.36
Anonymous €10.00 (EUR)   Mar-159.36
Andre €10.00 (EUR)   Jan-99.26

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