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sa mp 009

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Posted by: Morris
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20170513124616 1

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Posted by: carrie
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sa mp 242

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Oh no

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Posted by: Martin
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August 28, 2015, 06:38:52 AM by TheKing1220
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A new update finally and this one was badly needed, Gonna say my bad for the lack of server updates during the summer as a lot of bad events happened this summer and to the point that US almost closed down forreal this time, Anyways this is a small update to address some issues.


New Maps/Features
Added a new Challenge (/Chal11) - Reward Same as chal8 and 10 (Map made by DeathlyX34)
Added a new Race Drag2 (Map also made by DeathlyX34)
Added a new Race TheRunaway (Map also made by DeathlyX34) - This race is kinda hard
Made a new AntiHeliKill system, If players helidm on the server from now on they will get autokilled and...
August 21, 2015, 06:51:51 AM by TheKing1220
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by TheKing1220 on Wed 27 May 2015 - 22:25
Ok the wait is finally over and no more going back from 0.3.7 to 0.3z and vice versa and TBH it was very annoying going back and forth between the two versions. This update took a month to do but made sure to use as many of new 0.3.7 features as possible. Before i announce the changelog everyone must update their clients to 0.3.7 in order to play on the server otherwise you wont be able to join


Heres the changelog:

New Features:
Updated the server to 0.3.7
Added /drift8 (Map made by Substancesix)
Added haytower (/hay) (Map Also made by Subst...
August 21, 2015, 06:49:51 AM by TheKing1220
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by TheKing1220 on Fri 27 Mar 2015

This is only a small server update with a few new stuff. At first i was going to save it for 0.3.7 but couldnt wait for that long for it. So Heres the changelog

New Stuff:
Added Chal10 - Map Made By Laurita But with help from BCG2000 (Texture objects) and Carrie (Ideas). Same reward as chal8 but might be higher
Added a few new attachments in /a
Improved /duel, Players can now duel whatever weapon they desire except for melee and special weapons for obvious reasons but only two weapons but you can duel with one weapon if you pick the same weapon twice or pick weapons of the same weapon slot.
Added a new race: Camper ...
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