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June 08, 2017, 02:26:26 AM by TheKing1220
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Yes a new update has been released and this is a decent sized update that will make US more modern

New maps/features:
Added a new derby: Sumo Derby. Not much to explain about it but dont fall into the water. Still being worked on for bugs and also it uses 15 different vehicles!. (Map made by Dr. Clasher and some map improvements by me)
Added a new race: The Multirace. A unique race that uses different vehicles including a parkour part (Map made by Deltisponge34).
Added Parkour 9 (/pk9) (Map made by Cappers)
Added Bike Parkour 3 (/bp3) (Map made by Deltisponge34)
Added /beach (Map made by pkcs30)
Added /myhouses. This command will ...
February 18, 2017, 08:13:55 AM by Morris
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Event Now Ended!

Here's a game for you all. Anyone can take part and there's no entry needed.

As of tomorrow there will be 5 steam game codes displayed in 5 challenges. The challenges will be announced before hand, but what game will be unknown untill you claim it.
Find the code before someone else does. Once claimed its claimed! You've lost out. Move on to another..
If you do happen to find one of the codes, Take a picture and post below. But make sure you claim it first.
The only clue you will get is they are written in green Pink colour.

The games av...
February 02, 2017, 02:11:43 AM by Morris
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New maps:
Added Abandoned Airport Remake
Northern Island Circuit
Both by DeSponge34
More maps will be added very soon, Hold tight.

New Races:
Northern Island Circuit

New Features/Bug Fixes
Redid cooldown code
Cooldown added to /countdown (/count)
Redid /settings menu
Toggle Rejoin DM option available in /settings
Kinda redid such code as /nopm /notp etc. You only need to do the command now instead of 1 or 0. This was to make it work with other code and was just easier. (Still need to do 1/0 on antifall tho (may change soon)
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